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  • Can I pay by Cash ?
    Yes! you can pay Cash on Delivery. If change is needed please indicate by : (message to Phone call: 242 823 6393 or Whatsapp: 242 823 6393 )
  • Can I pay by Credit/Debit card on Delivery?
    SORRY NO! WE ONLY ACCEPT CASH ON DELIVERY Confirm your Identity and Item for Delivery Confirm if change is needed Confirm your Directions for Dleivery or Pick Up option . CASH ON DELIVERY/ PICK UP "ONLY" Receipt of Item package to customer on Dleivery or Pick up.
  • Can I place a phone call or whatsapp order instead of online through the website?
    Yes! Customers can send a message through email, whatsApp or call the store contacts to place an order. send message to or whatsApp/ Call 242 823 6393 Give product number and color in message . Wait for a reply/information on inquired item. Price will be confirmed and Delievry information is required.
  • How/When can I cancel an order?
    Call or whatsapp contact info with name and product item number to cancel payment for a refund and or delivery. Policy: Refund is given up to 48 hours after product was sold and if only Item is returned unsoiled and in good condition. "White Dresses 24 hrs"


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